Spirax Sarco water flowmeter simplifies boiler efficiency measurement


Electromagnetic flowmeter measures water and other conductive liquids

Spirax Sarco has extended its range of flowmeters with the launch of an electromagnetic flowmeter for measuring water and other conductive liquids.

The Spirax Sarco ELectroMagnetic Flowmeter (ELM10) is aimed primarily at boiler feed water and cold make-up water monitoring applications.

Its launch means a steam system operator can now source all its steam and condensate loop meters from a single supplier, saving them time and money and ensuring the most-suitable meters for the requirements of this specialist field.

The ELM10 is also suitable for process applications to identify ways to cut water consumption and can be used in the wider plant to meter slurry and other conductive liquids such as waste water.

The ELM10 can be integrated with Building Management Systems (BMS) or Spirax Sarco’s new B850 Flow Computer to provide accurate data on all aspects of boiler operation. By using ELM10 to meter the energy into the boiler (in the feed water) and compare it with the useful energy leaving the boiler (in the steam), boiler operators can gain a true picture of the actual energy efficiency of their boiler. This enables any drops in boiler performance, for example due to inefficient boiler blow down procedures or degradation of insulation, to be spotted quickly, helping to reduce maintenance costs and minimising downtime.

This compact, single component meter is easy to install and cost effective to run. The ELM10’s smooth internal surfaces allow liquids to flow freely, reducing wear on pumps and cutting running costs. The meter can be sized to installed pipework for fitting to existing boiler plant.

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The ELM10 returns accurate and reliable data, ensuring boiler operators can have complete confidence in the data. This eliminates the risk of incurring excess charge if buying energy, and ensures no loss of revenue if selling energy.