Interfurn install the largest area UCV in the UK at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester


Interfurn are now associated with another hospital redevelopment project, largely completed in December 2016 and expected to become operational in May 2017.

P+HS architects were appointed to design and improve the Vascular Services facilities at Glenfield Hospital.

The scope of works included expansion of theatre provision to include a state-of-the -art hybrid theatre incorporating a floor mounted diagnostic C-arm, the Artis Zeego from Siemens and an ultraclean ventilation canopy from Interfurn to meet HTM03-01 requirements.

At 4x3m, this is the largest ultra clean skirtless canopy in the UK and consists of 6 rather than the usual 4 CG screen panels.

Also, importantly, the light stem is off-centre. This allows free and unrestricted movement of the Artis Zeego itself and the surgical lights, pendants and other equipment within the theatre.

Dimmable white and green LED lighting is integrated into the canopy and is controlled at the surgeon’s panel.

The project was led by Starkstrom who provided the theatre medical equipment and surgeon’s panel and work completed and was handed over in April 2017, on time and within budget.

There is also an interesting feature article about the project, written and discussed by James Gordon, Associate at P+HS. Available in April 2017 copy of Health Estate Journal or via this link.

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