Innova provides furniture for Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability


Patient lifting hoists to be installed as part of refurbishment

Innova Care Concepts has won a contract to supply and install 33 new patient lifting hoists to the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN) as part of an ongoing refurbishment scheme across the Grade II listed building.

Based in South West London, the hospital provides care specifically for people with complex neurological disabilities, including those who have suffered significant brain injuries and people who live with long-term conditions such as multiple sclerosis and Huntington’s disease.

This new phase of improvement work will see the Cathcart and Evitt wards refurbished and modernised to meet the needs of both the patients and medical staff in the hospital.

Innova’s projects director, Bob Oliver, said: “It’s a pleasure to have been chosen to install Integralift hidden hoist systems for phase two of the RHN refurbishment plan programme.”

The company has also just supplied 19 hoist systems from the first phase of the refurbishment covering Drapers Ward.

The Integralift is a particularly unique product because it folds away into a bedhead cupboard when it is not needed to keep the room looking comfortable without removing the ability to be accessible.

Maxine Hoole, physiotherapist at the RHN, said: “We’ve seen such great improvements on the wards that have been refurbished. We’ve seen improved patient comfort, workflow, and the families can’t stop raving about how wonderful the environment is for their loved ones.”

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Innova’s next phase of installations will begin in August, with the hospital choosing a slightly-different design that will allow for a television to be mounted above the bed, so patients with severely limited mobility and cognitive function can still be entertained throughout the day.


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