Freedom for inclusive design as Ideal Standard launches new range


Concept Freedom strikes balance between functionality and aesthetics

Expanding its hugely-successful Concept range, Ideal Standard has unveiled its latest breakthrough - Concept Freedom.

The new range of accessible bathroom products aims to include less-abled customers, rather than alienate them, through a collection of ceramics, brassware and showers that are well designed, elegant and functional.

The range incorporates products that allow the specifier to create fully Part M-compliant en-suites, demonstrating how wheelchair-accessible bathrooms can be as contemporary and beautiful as conventional bathrooms. This new solution has been developed to meet the needs of the less abled in conjunction with occupational therapists, while maintaining the design integrity of Robin Levien’s Concept suite.

Until recently many accessible bathrooms were designed for their functionality rather than their looks. As a result, customers have developed a perception that accessible bathrooms, while functional, lack aesthetic design credentials, often causing them to avoid such rooms in hotels and other settings. Ideal Standard is set to change this perception with the launch of Concept Freedom, designed with accessibility in mind, but still creating ‘a beautiful use of space’.

Concept Freedom offers a complete solution to meet both the regulatory needs the operator and the comfort and aesthetic needs of the customer

Tony Rheinberg, marketing manager, said: “Concept Freedom will be equally at home in care homes and residential situations where users need help in performing basic functions that we tend to take for granted.

“With one in 20 hotel bathrooms having to be wheelchair accessible, for example, hoteliers often find it difficult to meet the functional requirements of Part M and the DDA, while keeping the same ambience and style as the other bedrooms.

“Concept Freedom offers a complete solution to meet both the regulatory needs the operator and the comfort and aesthetic needs of the customer.”

With sleek rails and raised-height WC’s, Concept Freedom allows additional support and comfort to be discreetly integrated into a bathroom layout, allowing users with various mobility needs to remain comfortable.

The range includes raised height WCs for easier, more-comfortable access, available as close coupled and wall mounted. Extra-large WCs will also be available for bariatric users, still with the same design excellence as the rest of the collection, ideal for care homes.

Concept Freedom’s accessible basins come with wide side rims, making them more comfortable for wheelchair users. In addition, they have a subtle underside hand grip on the front edges to assist with wheelchair positioning or standing stability and conform to wheelchair clearance regulations.

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Designer, Robin Levien, said: “The Concept Freedom range is a real step forward for the accessible market. The combination of sleek design and discreet support demonstrates that accessible bathrooms really can be just as contemporary as conventional bathrooms.”