Daikin Europe’s advanced DC Inverter Scroll chillers


New series extends multi-scroll portfolio to offer both ‘one-off’ and inverter-driven options

Daikin Europe has launched its first large DC Inverter Scroll air cooled chiller and heat pump range, offering an efficient solution for comfort and process cooling applications.

The new DC Inverter Scroll series extends Daikin Europe’s multi-scroll portfolio to offer both ‘one-off’ and inverter-driven options, each with flexible sound levels, giving a wide choice of configurations.

Models in the range include the EWYQ-GZ high efficiency heat pump version (nominal capacity range 193 to 380kW cooling, 182 to 362kW heating), offering either standard or reduced sound levels, and the EWAQ-GZ cooling-only high efficiency version (nominal cooling capacity range 201 to 395kW), which is also available as standard or with reduced sound levels.

A pioneer of highly-advanced inverter technology, Daikin Europe continues to lead the way in energy-efficient HVAC solutions. It is the only manufacturer to introduce high-efficiency inverter technology in medium and large scroll chiller ranges – an innovation that offers the most cost-effective way to achieve superior performance.

As a result, the EWYQ-GZ and EWAQ-GZ chillers are unique, being the only units of this size on the market to feature (Daikin-designed) DC scroll compressors. Ideal for new build or retrofit projects and suitable for either cooling only or heat pump applications, the DC Inverter Scroll series is a great choice in its capacity class: easy to install and service, delivering superb long-term reliability, together with low operating costs.

With the highest European seasonal efficiency ratio (ESEER) in its class and Eurovent certified performance, the DC Inverter Scroll series delivers truly stepless capacity control for smooth operation of comfort and cooling conditions. Thanks to inverter technology, units also provide very low in-rush current, have high power factors and reduce noise emissions at part loads.

The systems also interface easily with building management systems and have user-friendly smart controls.

The DC Inverter Scroll series offers a ‘plug and play’ solution, even for high cooling capacities.

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The units are designed for easy maintenance access, have built-in redundancy (with up to 12 compressors in a chiller) and can be tailored to customers’ requirements. All components are factory-assembled and controls pre-wired, adjusted and tested before shipment, meaning that onsite installation and servicing is as simple as possible. For even greater peace of mind, an optional extended warranty offers the possibility of a maintenance contract serviced by Daikin’s installer network.