Croydon hospital first in South to deploy new ultrasound system


ACUSON S1000 to improve diagnostics across the hospital

Croydon University Hospital has become the first medical centre in the South of England to install new ACUSON S1000 ultrasound systems in an effort to improve diagnostics.

Two of the systems are now being used in the ultrasound department to image a wide spectrum of patients, body types and disciplines ranging from radiology and general imaging to obstetrics, gynaecology and paediatrics.

“The image quality via the ACUSON S1000 for general abdominal imaging is excellent,” said Claire Hoskins, consultant radiologist and clinical lead for radiology at the hospital. “The high quality of images gives clinicians a clear view of the internal structure of organs and allows us to diagnose more subtle abnormalities.”

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Michael Asare, regional sales manager at Siemens Healthcare, added: “The system offers multiple configuration options to support the hospital’s clinical needs and budget requirements. It supports a comprehensive suite of transducers and exam types to accommodate a wide range of body types, including difficult-to-image patients. This makes it an ideal solution for demanding clinical environments.”