Can a GP practice in a health centre stand out from the crowd?


BHC Furniture contract proves it can

BHC Furniture was approached in October 2012 to put forward proposals to furnish the new Surbiton Health Centre. The facility was to combine four GP practices under one roof.

From the beginning the brief was that Surbiton Health Centre had to look and feel like no other health centre, right down to the furniture, design and layout.

With its preferred manufacturing partner, Senator International, BHC put together a presentation based on previous experience and knowledge in contemporary product innovation, with a view to creating a blueprint for the future of the facility.

“When looking at a project of this nature we have to take into consideration the practicality of the furniture with the needs of the particular patients we are working with, in this instance the elderly, children, pregnant mothers and disabled patients,” said Peter Bright, managing director of BHC Furniture.

BHC was chosen as the successful partner for the project and proceeded to work with the relevant parties involved - Essentia, Riley Consulting and representatives of the four GP practices.

The focus was the use of four prime colours to split the open-plan interior space into quarters. The colours were predominately used for feature walls, columns and signage. BHC selected furniture to follow suit, using slate grey to tie in the different areas punctured with the key prime colours for the seats and vinyls. This has created a striking effect which has received extremely positive feedback.

Delivery and installation was condensed into one week of March, using BHC’s experienced rollout and installation programme.

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Surbiton Health Centre is now one of the most progressive health centre’s designed by BHC.