Blackburn hospital unveils new 'Prayer Meadow'


Artwork provides solace and support for patients, staff and visitors

A new ‘Prayer Meadow’ has opened at the Royal Blackburn Hospital.

The calming and reflective artwork is situated in a quiet corner of the Spiritual Care Centre at the hospital, a place where people can receive solace and contemplative support in times of need.

Gently-undulating Perspex holders are designed specially to hold prayer cards left by anyone wishing to express their feelings and to request that the chaplains include them in their daily prayers and during Sunday services.

An artwork that depicts delicate and gently-coloured seed heads in a wild meadow is used as a metaphor for this space. It implies the beginning of new life, but is also a poignant reminder that life is fragile and not endless.

Blackburn hospital unveils new 'Prayer Meadow'

Designed by Hospital Art Studio, the team also composed an emotive poem that follows the undulations of the Perspex card holder to add comfort and understanding.

Tony van de Bospoort of Hospital Art Studio, said: “We have really enjoyed solving this particular project, using just a bit of lateral thinking. It’s about how we turn something that is easy to use and much appreciated into a thing of beauty – but still easy to use. Anything too complicated might put people off in an instant.

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“We wanted to create a delicate piece of art to enhance the calming environment of the Spiritual Care Centre and also establish a special area for people who are visiting and want to leave a prayer for their loved ones.”

Blackburn hospital unveils new 'Prayer Meadow'