A new generation of air purifier from Camfil


CamCleaner City ideal for improving indoor air quality

In 2013, Camfil launched the only air purifier on the market able to filter all types of indoor air pollutants: micro-organisms, allergens, fine and ultrafine particles and gases, including formaldehyde, benzene, VOCs, odours.

Equipped with patented H13 HEPA filters and a double-molecular filtration stage, CamCleaner City is ideal for improving indoor air quality in meeting rooms, booths in underground parking, basements, healthcare centers and patient waiting rooms.

Different from other air purifiers, CamCleaner City doesn't generate any secondary air pollutant unlike other technologies, such as photocatalysis, cold plasma. It eliminates odours and major indoor air pollutants and protects the health of occupants.

Simple, silent, and with a modern design, it can be easily installed everywhere, in any indoor environment, to treat specific indoor air pollution or in places without effective ventilation.

Designed for 130 to 340 m3/h air flow, it has a very low appetite for energy (42 W only). Maintenance is made easy; a warning LED signal indicates the need to change filters.

Prior and after implementing the CamCleaner solution, Camfil can perform measurements of particles pollution, VOCs and aldehyde.

The VOC and aldehydes test kit targets 39 identified molecules: (30 VOCs (benzene, tetrachloroethylene, xylenes, toluene etc) and nine aldehydes (formaldehyde, acetaldehyde etc). Aldehydes are measured according to EU ISO 16000-4-2011 standard.

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CamCleaner City's efficiency against formaldehyde measured in an independent laboratory. Formaldehyde Initial concentration 25 um/m3 removed at three velocities, in 28 m3 room, 18+2°C. Formaldehyde HPLC analysis used DNPH adsorbent cartridges for sampling.

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