A different kind of desk all round


Senator launches the Orb desking system

Why are desks rectangular, when much of human culture in terms of shape and form is round?

After decades of rectilinear workstations, it’s time for a solution that allows instant ad-hoc team configuration and accommodates all applications.

Orb is a revolutionary desking solution that allows the liberalisation of space through 360-degree circular worktops. We’re not talking simply about cutting corners, far from it. Orb’s design provides the optimal workspace where it is needed, retiring the regimented rectilinear formation.

Orb permits a natural fluidity to the workspace, allowing gentle crescents to be created through the simple interlocking of workstations. The tops are available either as a 60-inch full-circle starter desk, or can be specified with a ‘bite’, allowing the workstations to toggle onto each other to create a more fluid organic layout that is fundamentally of more visual interest.

This will change the way we approach formal workspaces, making the office less regimented, increasing occupancy, and challenging the traditional demarcation of space. A standing-height desk is available in two diameters – 54ins and 60ins – with or without a bite for touchdown spaces, or to encourage the variance of posture during the working day.

“As we move into the knowledge age, there is an acknowledgment that the workspace needs to adopt a more-agile approach to the planning of space. The desire for offices to feel more domestic is strengthening and Orb has been developed as a response to this, as it deregulates workspaces while still maintaining a logical rhythm”, said Paul Hobson, product and design director at The Senator Group.

The circular formation of the workstation uses a single central support that allows the structural elements to be brought into the centre and away from the user. As well as offering strength and rigidity; this form of structure is more organic and natural with a central ‘trunk’ that encompasses and carries optional power and data from the floor through to the user. Desk screens radiating from this central point can be added together with individual or dual lighting by Artemide.

Orb desks features a four-star cast aluminum base, aluminum column with integrated vertical cable management, and aluminum cable port with lift-off covers. The metalwork is available in white or black powder coat and the tops can be specified in a choice of MFC finishes with complementary edging detail options.

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Orb has been designed to cause minimum impact on the environment, being 99% recyclable and containing over 65% of recycled materials. Orb also supports the environmental case for reducing overall lux levels in the office offering user controlled lighting.